Life never stops moving and, likely, neither do you. Thus, be it in an office space or residential home, your property will invariably be subject to the particles you bring in with you — be it organic allergens, viral contaminants, dirt, or something else.

And as life goes on, various spaces throughout your property will both collect and release these airborne remnants, putting you at risk of repeated exposure to potentially hazardous contaminants.

With this in mind, you may be wondering: What might I be forgetting when it comes time to spring clean, and what do I need to know?

Getting Grime Out of Your Grout

Let’s face it: it’s easy for grout to fall through the cracks. As you focus on shining your tile and sweeping up visible bits of food particles, it’s the in-between spaces that are often forgotten. Thus, your grout is likely dirty and unevenly colored… at best.

In particular, if your grout is not properly sealed, it’s far more likely to be subject to intensive staining, which is why, according to the Tile Council of North America, most homeowners opt to either seal or glaze their grout. But layering on one more preventative product will not be enough to keep it clean

Thus, in scouring and scrubbing your property from top to bottom, you should be mindful of why the grout in your bathroom and/or kitchen should be added to the list. Plus, if there are cracks and breaks in your grout, you’re likely to find even more accumulated dirt, food residue, and other particles that are altogether resistant to removal.

Don’t Forget Your Ducts

Don’t duck out on your responsibility to your air ducts just yet. After all, spring cleaning isn’t just about what you can see — it’s also about what’s in the air around you.

“In addition to normal accumulations of dust and dirt found in all homes with air ducts, there are several other factors that can increase the need for regular HVAC system cleaning,” according to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

These factors may include recent home renovation projects, the presence of pets, the presence of residents living with asthma or allergies, and more. Additionally, when your air ducts go too long without a proper cleaning, you may also be at risk of increased exposure to mold growth, pests, debris, and other hazards.

But don’t worry — if this all sounds a little overwhelming, you’re not alone! That’s why ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast provides premium cleaning services, offered to both residential and commercial property owners alike.

Specifically, our team is expertly trained and uniquely qualified to assess, treat, and protect your spaces, ensuring your grout and ducts are both cleaned and restored to optimal condition! Additionally, if you are interested in COVID-19 disinfection services, we can also add peace of mind to the list of benefits of working with our team.

To learn more about our services or schedule your cleaning appointment today, contact ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast by calling (904) 388-1100.

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