In Florida’s climate, it is important to have a reliable HVAC system that delivers warm and cool air to the right areas of your home at the right time of the year. Unfortunately, dirty ductwork can interfere with your St. Johns County, FL, HVAC system’s ability to function properly while exposing your family to potential respiratory problems due to poor indoor air quality. Learn how duct cleaning can provide you with healthy air and improved energy efficiency in your home.

Air Quality Problems

Cleaning your ducts helps to remove allergens that can build up over time. Many ducts that have not been cleaned for years are coated with with pollen, pet dander, and pollution from the outdoor air. Ductwork is also susceptible to building up volatile organic compounds, from household products such as cleaning supplies, paints, pesticides, and other harmful materials. Duct cleaning can thoroughly remove volatile organic compounds so that you and your family can breathe air that is clean and healthy.

Improved Energy Efficiency With Duct Cleaning

When ducts are filled with dust and debris, airflow can be restricted in ways that reduce energy efficiency. Some types of dust can absorb heat, and this is problematic since heated air can get trapped in dust rather than reaching its intended destination. Unclean ductwork can even cause problems with temperature variation when an insufficient amount of hot or cold air is able to pass through your HVAC system.

Unpleasant Smells Corrected with Duct Cleaning

Many homes that smell bad ultimately have problems with ductwork that is dirty. When particles get trapped in an HVAC system, they can continue to give off unpleasant odors for years. Furthermore, standing dust can eventually start to form mold or mildew. The cause of unpleasant smells that unclean ducts give off can lead to chronic respiratory problems for the people living in the home.

Resolve Your Duct Problems

Professionals can thoroughly clean ducts to remove dust and debris. By getting your ducts cleaned, you can look forward to healthy, fresh indoor air quality. ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast has a licensed and trained team who have the expertise to clean your ductwork properly. To learn more about the duct cleaning services that ServiceMaster offers, give us a call today.

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