Cooler weather has arrived in the Jacksonville, FL, area. Although this may not mean frigid temperatures and snow, the overnight low will soon drop to an average of 46 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re like most Floridians, you’ll soon rely on your furnace or heat pump and air ducts to keep your house warm. Unfortunately, this combo could also lead to poor indoor air quality unless you take the proper precautions. Duct cleaning is a vital aspect of ensuring that your family is breathing healthy indoor air. Without it, you can expect to deal with a variety of potentially unpleasant consequences.

Reduce the Risk of Indoor Allergies with Duct Cleaning

Air ducts tend to attract a large quantity of dust, debris and sometimes mold. A single duct system can harbor a lot of allergens and will blow them into your home whenever the HVAC unit is running. An accumulation of these particles can lead to allergy related health issues such as frequent fevers and headaches.

Minimize Equipment Damage

Allowing dust to build up inside your ducts can do much more than aggravate your allergies. Dust easily becomes moist when humidity is introduced into the system. When this happens, equipment damage such as cracked heat exchangers on furnaces and rust become much more likely. Air flow from the fans can also drop due to excessive dust, thereby leading to more expensive energy bills.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Developing a cracked heat exchanger is bad enough on its own, but your problems might not end there. As cracks and rust holes compromise your HVAC unit’s heat exchanger, the system becomes more likely to push carbon monoxide into your indoor air. Carbon monoxide exposure can turn deadly, so this is something you want to stay away from at all costs.

Do you desire truly healthy indoor air? Check out our duct cleaning services page or call (904) 449-7782 to discover how we can reduce your exposure to allergens, mold, pests and debris

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