24/7 Emergency Water Extraction Services in Jacksonville FL and All Surrounding Areas

Water from floods, storms and plumbing leaks can catastrophically damage your home, business, and belongings. At ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast, we offer 24-hour water extraction and removal services designed to curb your losses and prevent additional damage.

Common Types of Water Damage

Even a minor leak can allow hundreds of gallons of water to enter your home in a single day, which can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Additionally, contamination and mold growth can be significant concerns depending on the type of water and extent of the intrusion.

  • Clean Water: Damage caused by water supply leaks has the lowest risk of complications. In most cases, our water damage company can fully restore interior surfaces, furniture and personal items that have been exposed to clean, potable water.
  • Gray Water: Water from sinks, showers, baths, and appliances is relatively clean. However, some items, such as carpets and upholstered furniture, may need replacement. Our experts can remove gray water, dry the areas, and determine whether restoration is feasible.
  • Black Water: Damage related to sewer backups, runoff, and flood water comes with a high risk of contamination. Our biohazard experts are trained to remove black water while following all federal regulations.

Water Removal Methods

At ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast, we use a two-part process to remove standing water following storms, floods, and plumbing leaks. First, we collect residual moisture using pumps and vacuum extraction equipment. Our industrial-grade systems are powerful enough to remove deeply embedded moisture, yet they’re gentle enough for carpets, upholstery, and delicate surfaces.

Once the majority of the water has been removed, we complete the drying process using specially designed air movers and dehumidifiers until moisture levels fall below 50 percent. This method ensures that surfaces dry evenly and thoroughly to prevent warping, splitting and secondary damage. If needed, we can perform sanitizing and deodorizing treatments or apply antimicrobial agents to inhibit mold growth.

Hiring a Water Damage Company

When choosing a water damage company, look for a provider that’s approved by your insurance company and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. At ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast, we have industry-leading credentials and a team of specialized disaster mitigation crews who will respond to your emergency 24 hours a day. Once you begin the claims process, we work directly with your insurance company to ensure that the work is covered.

Since 1993, ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast has performed water removal services for homeowners and businesses across the greater Jacksonville area, including Duval, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns counties and everything in between. Contact us immediately to protect your property from additional damage.

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