Floods, storms, and fire are among the disasters that can strike your Jacksonville home or business. Smooth disaster recovery begins with preparation. Here’s what you can do to make disaster recovery easier and less stressful.

Have Appropriate Disaster Insurance in Place

Florida ranks No. 1 among states hardest hit by hurricanes at the cost of about $15.4 billion in losses each year. It ranks No. 4 for tornadoes. Add to that damage from potential fires or flooding, and you could be looking at hefty costs. Read the fine print in your insurance policies and verify that you have protection for natural disasters as well as accidental ones.

Know Your Numbers When Disaster Strikes

Communication is key following a disaster. Having the following phone numbers secured safely on cloud storage or with a trusted friend or advisor can speed up the recovery process:

  • Insurance agent and policy numbers for auto, health, and property
  • Bank account numbers
  • Financial, banking, and legal advisors
  • Key family members, employees, customers, and/or suppliers
  • ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast

Have a Restoration Partner You Can Trust

When you’re dealing with the impact of a disaster, keeping track of everything that you need to do can be overwhelming. Establishing a relationship ahead of time with an experienced restoration company like ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast relieves the stress and allows you to move forward decisively and purposefully.

Watch the Clock

When emergencies hit, time is critical. The longer water is left standing, the more damage it does to walls, framing, and personal belongings. Delayed reaction after a fire increases smoke and soot damage. We offer 24/7 residential and commercial services so that we can quickly respond and begin safe disaster restoration services.

For more information on how ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast can help you recover after an emergency, check out our disaster restoration services or give us a call at (904) 449-7782. We streamline the process of coping with disaster so that you can get on with the business of life.

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