If you are a property owner in the Jacksonville area, your chances of becoming a victim of flooding are higher than average. Following a catastrophe that causes water damage in your home or commercial building, it is important to contact a professional immediately to mitigate the damage. Here is how our emergency services help to keep the extent of water damage under control following a flooding event.

Preventing Further Water Damage

Emergency services start with an immediate containment of the affected area. Once our team ensures that the area is properly contained to avoid additional damage, we perform an assessment of the situation. Our team will complete an inspection of the damaged areas of the building to determine the most efficient course of action.

Extracting Water

The next step is to remove water from your home or business to prevent mold from growing. This step also serves to retain the integrity of floors and walls whenever possible. We use specialized, industrial-grade equipment including pumps and vacuums made to handle large-scale water extraction jobs. Once the pumps and vacuums have extracted as much water as possible, we use drying equipment including dehumidifiers and fans.

Performing Restoration

Depending on the extent of any structural damage, construction may be necessary to restore the building to its original condition. The most common type of construction needed after a flooding event is the removal and replacement of drywall.

If furniture, rugs or other household items are damaged during the incident, we will remove these items from the building to be cleaned. These items are stored in an off-site facility until mitigation is complete to keep them secure and clean.

To learn more about how damage can be kept minimal following a flood, fire or storm, check out ServiceMaster’s water damage mitigation solutions or call 904-449-7782.

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