Exposure to hazardous waste in your home or business can have a negative, long-term effect on your health. Some of these include blood, human waste contaminants, radioactive substances, and more. If your home was built during the 1970s, then it’s likely at risk of containing hazardous materials, like lead. Here’s what you should know about these and other dangerous waste materials:

Most Common Hazardous Materials in Florida

According to the American Lung Association, asbestos was commonly used in building supplies and other consumer products. Therefore, it is still one of the most common hazardous materials individuals can be exposed to without their knowledge. This exposure can cause severe breathing problems and even cancer.

Common asbestos-containing materials include deteriorating insulation, floor tiles and fireproofing. These dangerous particles are released into the air when one of these materials is damaged or disturbed. But, since asbestos particles don’t release any odor or taste to warn individuals around the area, it is tough to identify it.

The same goes for lead-exposure. Another common biohazard found in older homes. Lead-based paints and other contaminants in your home are particularly dangerous to children who are exposed too young as it can cause severe learning, behavior and health problems.

For this reason, it’s important to call a professional if you feel that your home or business is currently exposed.

Contact a Certified Hazmat Professional

When hiring a biohazard clean-up team for removal and disposal of hazardous waste, make sure they are certified, hazmat professionals. The Department of Transportation requires anyone who works with these materials to have a hazmat, short for hazardous material, certification.

This certification guarantees that professionals have been properly trained to identify and respond to incidents while keeping themselves and others safe from exposure.

At ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast, our employees are hazmat certified and take all the needed precautions when removing and disposing of biohazard waste. For more information about our hazardous clean-up services, call us today at 904-449-7782.

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