With the return of Florida’s signature warmth, you’ll likely find yourself throwing open the windows, running to the store for a fresh centerpiece bouquet, and otherwise relishing in the opportunity to put away your heavier jackets.

And with the pomp and circumstance of spring comes the expected (and somewhat dreaded) spring cleaning.

But as you pull out the duster and set yourself to work on scrubbing every visible surface, we encourage you to remember to get back to basics, too, when it comes to your carpet.

Springtime Setbacks: Exacerbated Allergies

If you regularly experience a sigh of relief as your allergies abate in the wintertime, the return of spring likely has you reaching for a new box of tissues. But did you know that this may also be because the State of Florida, in particular, is more likely to experience an early onset of spring allergens?

“A mild winter may cause an early release of pollen from certain trees, and a longer season may be worsened by the priming effect,” as explained by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI). And as Florida winters are usually mild every year, simply by virtue of our proximity to the equator, that means our allergies are also likely to return with a vengeance.

The Collection of Contaminants in Your Carpet

Studies indicate that “the use of carpets is linked to increased levels of indoor dusts, allergens, and microorganisms, and associated with increased risk of a number of health outcomes including mild cognitive effects, irritative symptoms, and asthma.”

This is because soft carpeting materials are prone to trapping airborne particles and allergens, keeping them out of your ventilation system and re-releasing them as you walk around or otherwise disturb the fibers of your floor. Thus, the particulate matter is resuspended, becoming liable to either aggravate your respiratory system or otherwise continue to travel throughout your home or business.

Expert Aid for Annual Spring Cleaning

With all of the aforementioned information in mind, it goes without saying that your carpet needs to be included in your spring cleaning regimen — especially if you don’t adhere to a regular vacuuming schedule.

Plus, by opting to include a steaming service as part of your annual plan of action, you’re likely to receive a more comprehensive and long-lasting result.

“Steam cleaning is likely to be more effective against dust mites and does not require the use of pesticides,” according to the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH). “It also leaves minimal moisture behind, thereby minimizing chances for mold growth, although steps to completely dry the carpet should still be used.”

And if you’re not sure who to call to aid you in your carpet cleaning endeavors, we wholeheartedly recommend our team with ServiceMaster Restoration of First Coast! Be it for your wall-to-wall carpeting or smaller area rugs, our team is professionally trained to provide superior carpet cleaning services that effectively steam the fibers, extract contaminants, and deodorize lingering smells.

To learn more or schedule an appointment today, contact our team by calling 904-388-1100!

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